13 Sep 2021
SOCS and SchoolSportsTracker launch new integration

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This last year and a half has brought along new challenges for us all. Child safeguarding has always been at the forefront of the educational sector, but even more so in the current scenario.

Schools are even more concerned and in need of knowing who is currently travelling on a coach or who was present on a particular coach on a specific date. Parents feel the need for extra safeguarding for their children. The pandemic has meant that knowing who has been with whom is a complete must!

SchoolSportsTracker has been developed to help cover the pressing demand from schools, requiring a coach and passenger tracking solution during sports fixtures. Our product is currently unique as it has full integration with SOCS.

SOCS and SchoolSportsTracker have joined forces to offer a complete solution that will allow tracking and monitoring coaches during away fixtures. It also allows the carrying out of a live attendance registry by sports coaches and teachers easily and in real-time.

SchoolSportsTracker is part of our award-winning transport software solutions (SchoolBusTracker®) currently used by more than 100 private and state schools in the UK.

Key benefits:

• Parent app – Parents can track their child´s coach and know when they arrive safely at their destination or when they are near (proximity alerts) for pick up.
• Schools can monitor sports fixtures attendance, coach attendance and track an entire coach fleet in real-time.
• Generate Covid free reports (who was on the coach and with whom on X date).
• SOCS integration (read and write attendance status data from and to the SOCS panel).

We are the first company in the UK to launch a solution with full SOCS integration. We help schools to deal with the major issue of not having readily available reports to tell you who is or was on the coach during your sports fixtures. Get in touch on the link below for a full demo and take advantage of our promotional deal

Link: http://www.schoolsportstracker.com