02 Sep 2021
Win More Games - With the new PitcheroGPS player tracking system for schools and elite academies.

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PitcheroGPS is a player performance system designed specifically for schools, elite academies and grassroots teams.
Over 3 years of development, the PitcheroGPS system removes the complexity of performance data giving coaches and players 8 core metrics that can improve a players’ performance regardless of age or standard.
The PitcheroGPS system is ideal for football, rugby, hockey and lacrosse teams.
What data do we record?
The GPS tracker records 3 categories of data:
1. Volume data - how far the players travels and how long they are active
2. Intensity data - how fast they travel, top speeds and accelerations.
3. Location data - heat maps of where a player travels across the pitch.
The outcome is detailed but easy to understand data that can transform a players performance.
How does the system work?
PitcheroGPS is a small GPS tracker worn in a tight-fitting vest under a players shirt.
Once the match or training session has ended, the data is uploaded to the Internet. Every coach has access to the data via an interactive website.
What are the key benefits to my team?
Professional teams have used GPS trackers for years; now, your school can access the same system.
GPS trackers answer three key questions:
1. Are you players working hard enough?
Understand the capability of your players; top speeds, accelerations, metres covered. How hard can they work? Are they reaching their full potential in matches and training?
2. Are you players following instructions?
Understand if players are running the lines you requested, following your tactics and strategies.
3. Are you players at risk of injury?
Track the level of exercise to make sure your players are not overtraining putting them at risk of burnout or injury. Ensure your best players are fit and available all year round.
What is the cost?
Pitchero GPS starts from £3,500, this includes;
20 GPS trackers
20 player vests
1 coach tablet
1 charging case
How can I learn more?
Reach out to your PitcheroGPS sales representative to book a demo and learn more.
The PitcheroGPS solution is designed and built in the UK. We offer training and exceptional support to coaches and playing staff.
Visit www.pitcherogps.com today and book your demo!