05 Oct 2020
SOCS Terms and Conditions of Business Updated

Following recent feedback from Schools and prior to the introduction of SOCS Music, the following changes have been made to SOCS Terms and Conditions of Business. The main changes are highlighted in red below. None of the changes have an adverse impact and in certain circumstances enhance service levels:

  1. Introduction. Section 1.5. First Bullet Point. Any of the main modules of the SOCS system, including SOCS co-curricular, SOCS sport website, SOCS calendar website, SOCS Music and SOCS administrator and their associated Content Management Systems (CMS), as hosted and configured on SSL servers and to any SOCS component that SSL introduces in the future.
  2. Website Visitors. Section. 2.1.10. Discontinuation. SSL reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of any of its websites, specifically misocs.com, schoolsports.com and the individual sport portals (SchoolsRugby.co.uk, SchoolsFootball.co.uk, SchoolsHockey.co.uk, SchoolsNetball.co.uk, SchoolsCricket.co.uk), at any time.
  3. SOCS Services Agreement. Section 3.2.1. Service Level Agreement (SLA). During normal working hours in UK, 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, SSL will aim to respond to customer support requests within 12 hours. If a request is outside of normal working hours or marked "urgent", the support team's response will be aligned with the nature of the request. Our standard SLA for service provision is 99.9% availability.
  4. SOCS Services Agreement. Section 3.2.21. Discontinuation. SSL reserves the right to discontinue any element of SOCS (either a module, part of a module or an individual feature) for any reason, without limitation. SSL will provide a notice period of at least 6 months unless prevented from doing so for legal or other reasons outside of SSL’s control.

Link: http://www.misocs.com/termsandpolicies.aspx